"Your first screenplay should come solely from your passion. I wouldn't worry about market; I would write what I want to write about. You will need the passion to carry you through that first endeavor."
author of The Screenwriter's Bible

Hollywood makes much of 'passion' and its importance in getting a movie made. Perhaps they have a point: at the end of the day, you will write only the story you really want to tell. The one that you feel in your gut. In your heart and soul. The one you feel could change the world if only others could see and hear it.

That's the story that gets you up in the morning, to brave the arrows of outrageous fortune. The one that made you pursue this nutty passion called writing in the first place. The one you're willing to stay up late writing, rewrite a zillion times, talk to all your friends about. The one you're willing to let the entire external framework of your life fall away for.

Consider the story behind the making of DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990), and all that Kevin Costner and the writer went through to get it made. Could it have happened without such passion from both?

All the guidance in the world is unlikely to sway you. You may even block it all out, so blinded by passion will you be. So what's the point of all this advice, the entire teach-you-how-to-write- a-screenplay industry, all the books and seminars? All the pointers that are supposed to make you chose a sensible story that will sell in Hollywood and in the world's theaters?

The fact is it takes more than passion to get a movie written and made, and everybody knows it. Yes, it takes energy and spirit, and the Muse must be with us, and our mothers must be pulling for us. But, we also require such mundane things as research, following standard screenplay format guidelines, and marketing. Passion may not always be enough to get the job done, you may also need technique on your side. Especially on those days when your passion deserts you.

"Professional writers know how to channel their passion into commercial projects."
author of The Screenwriter's Bible

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