What's the difference between guys and gals?

Vive la différence . .

feminine masculine
internal external
compassion fairness
agenda mission
people things
feelings actions
family tribe
social political
"no" "yes"
blame no excuses
security risk

And more . .

feminine masculine
complain fix
etiquette respect
rules respect
relationships alliances
emotions anger
decoration design
elegance engineering
mystical mechanical
manipulate command

And even more . .

feminine masculine
love protection
form function
glamour valor
practical philosophical
earth sky
intuitive logical
verbal mathematical
indirect direct
mean tough
home abroad
shopping cars
victimhood fuggedaboutit

Isn't that sexist!?!

It may meet your definition of sexism, but even so you as a writer need to be both broad-minded and practical enough to put aside your political views and get real about life.

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