Screenwriting Concept


A good film can change a viewer's life, fix some aspect of society, and even alter the course of history. Aiming for that kind of impact, especially as a new writer, may be counterproductive. It just puts too much pressure on you as you're starting out, getting familiar with the genre, and on your story, which might best be allowed to 'tell itself'. Save the world-beaters for later!

In the meantime, we must consider the possibility that early projects won't get read or produced at all, that they just 'prime the pump' for a later successful writing career. Horror to behold, too, many (most?) writers never achieve any 'success' at it at all, at least not in the formal sense or earning major money or getting into the public spotlight.

But success comes in many forms, and the informal or personal sort might be best of all for many, especially if, as it turns out, they never reach the Big Times. Viewed in this light, the best movie concepts to select and pursue might be those that have the ability to:

  • expand the writer's consciousness
  • help the writer to grow intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually
  • enhance the writer's life
  • advance writing skills
  • enhance the writer's enjoyment of life.

Such concepts:

  • yield the best material
  • inspire marketing efforts
  • make the whole effort worthwhile for the writer even if no one buys the script
  • help the writer improve dimensionally with each project.

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