"Write what you know!"

But what about . .

The Top Grossing Movies of All Time such as . .

Were the authors aliens? space warriors? archaeologists? superheros? dinosaur hunters? super heroes? escapees from a sinking ship? "a boy clownfish, stolen from his coral reef home"? No, but they sure did write about these worlds convincingly.

"Write what you imagine!" is perhaps a better guideline to follow, as Lajos Egri might well say. So much of good writing is about the life of the imagination, imagination that can be fueled by actual events, real life experiences, books, dreams and all manner of other things. Writers create new, unexplored imaginary worlds no one, including themselves, has ever beheld. Encountering these imaginary worlds offers moviegoers escape from humdrum existence, a big reason they frequent dark cinemas to begin with.

"Don't write about what you know, write about what you didn't know you knew."

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