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All you really have to do to have a successful movie is make a critic say . .

"The Best Picture of the Year! It's everything you could ask for. It builds a world, takes you into it, makes you feel it; it tells a story, makes you love the characters, and pulls you through life, love and death. It's funny, it's heartbreaking, it's scary, it's exhilarating. It does something so few movies do these days: It satisfies."
of The Washington Post
in a review of COLD MOUNTAIN (2003)

Does that sound so hard?

It may not be the best thing to aim for such encomiums from the critics, especially in your first couple outings. But, aiming high can be a very good thing. How many times have you thought "I could do better than that!" on your way out of a cinema? But the run-of-the-mill cinematic fare doesn't really offer a high enough target to challenge you and bring out your best. Just writing a movie that's better than the everyday ones you see in the cinemas won't get you produced, either. Set your artistic sights on the top films of the year, or the all-time classics. Shoot for the stars. That way you're less likely to end up with a mouthful of dirt.

See Classic Film List.

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