Screenwriting Concept


Writing a screenplay to appease the forces of political correctness may seem appealing, even necessary, in order to succeed in Hollywood. Certainly most movies emanating from there these days seem tinged with its tenets.

Better for a screenwriter to turn all this on its head, to upend the common thinking. Write a story that 'deconstructs' political correctness. Aim for the timeless, the 'eternal truths'. It's your job.

Political correctness will one day take its place on the trash heap with other fine examples of destructive mass movements down through the ages. Do you want your movie to be tossed unceremoniously on top of it? Or would you rather be known as the pundit who saw through it all before it crashed of its own weight.

Best of all would be to avoid political correctness and the power-through-victimhood movement altogether. It's fallacious, hateful, and destructive. On top of all that, hapless victims of society don't make such great heroes--or bases for stories.

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