Magic Star


Bernard Grebanier

Is the story derived from . .
  • a theme, which serves as the central governing idea?
  • a situation (or state of affairs) out of which the plot, the chief characters, and a theme evolve?
  • a certain character or group of characters?
  • the human interest stories in the daily newspaper?

Does the story . . .
  • imitate life's values, through selectivity and heightening, and not attempt to be a carbon copy of life?
  • hold a mirror up to nature and give a greater illusion of reality?
  • reach beyond the writer's own experience to include all that he has observed, all that he can remember of his dreams, all that he has heard tell about, and all that he has read?
  • call for more than two characters, unless some dramatic object is used with the catalytic force of a third personality?

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