Michael J. Farrand


  1. Another Word
  2. First One
  3. Simple Christian Charity
  4. These Killing Fields
  5. You Chose


  1. Become a Murderess
  2. To Conquer the World of Work
  3. Executioner in White Smock Coat
  4. First You Must Desex Yourselves
  5. God's Treasure
  6. Let There Be Life
  7. At the Moment of Conception
  8. Not an Option
  9. On the Day You Died
  10. What Are You Aborting
  11. What If Your Mother
  12. What Truth Do They Distort
  13. Where Are the Female Geniuses
  14. Where Are the Forty Millions


  1. Mother, I'm speaking to you from your womb
  2. Do they tell you about the suffering
  3. Hallelujah! Thank God she changed her mind
  4. It's been Democrats killing Democrats
  5. There's something wrong with your Theory if
  6. Now that you escaped what you are preaching

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