It's time to tell your story
. . Though you lacked a name
A tail devoid of glory
. . Your timing was the shame.

Your parents were in crisis
. . One man your life could save
Less Christ than Dionysus
. . He made the womb your grave.

Best go to Roman sister
. . To feel the good Lord's blessing
Not to self-acclaimed mister
. . A wolf in lamb's dressing.

He jabbed you from the Left
. . This founder of a church
Of moral sense bereft
. . He left you in the lurch.

This future Christian minister
. . His wife knows how birth matters
How could he be so sinister?
. . To shred all Life to tatters.

When he grants the right to choose
. . The right to murder daughters
He aligns himself with Jews
. . The only faith that slaughters.

First acid made him freak
. . Jesus Christ his new fix?
With Mary Jane on sneak
. . They ferried you o'er Styx.

My cry to you unsaid
. . Amends like this a rarity.
The way he left you dead
. . Was simple Christian charity?
© 2011 by Michael J. Farrand

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