Screenplay Character


Give every character an attitude, the more distinct and obvious the better. Examples of attitudes . .

  • indifference
  • superior/cocky
  • selfishness
  • carefree
  • loving
  • angry
  • negative
  • optimistic

Character attitudes predict how they will apply their abilities to achieving their ambitions. Attitudes make characters fascinating to watch. Attitudes can change in the course of the story, as the character overcomes challenges, encounters other characters, and lives and grows. Attitudes can make for considerable humor, too.

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  1. View the teen film The Breakfast Club (1985). Consider the different attitudes of the teenage characters. How does this variety drive the story? How do they change each other?
  2. Review the classic western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966). Consider the attitudes portrayed by the main characters. How does this play out in the story?