Magic Star


Lajos Egri

Does character . .
  • create plot?

Are the characters . .
  • described in terms of physiology, sociology, and psychology?
  • changeable and eternally changing?
  • revealed through conflict?
  • well-defined, uncompromising, in opposition, and moving from one "pole" toward another (e.g., hatred to love) through conflict?

Do the characters have . .
  • within themselves the seeds of their future development?
  • the strong, unbreakable bond of the "unity of opposites" between them that makes compromise impossible without the death of some dominant quality in one of the characters?

Does the pivotal character, i.e., the protagonist . .
  • want something more than anything else in life?
  • have something vital at stake?
  • create conflict and make the story move forward?

Will the protagonist . .
  • fight for his convictions
  • destroy or be destroyed to attain his goal?

Is the protagonist strong enough to . .
  • make a decision to act?
  • carry the burden of protracted conflict to its logical conclusion?
  • equal the protagonist?

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