A man climbed
Up a tree
To keep it from being moved
"Crazy!" they said
"He must be nuts!"
(This tree they wanted to kill.)

He knew this tree
Would not survive
Though the experts said
"It will!"

I, too, wanted to climb
Up your tree
To keep you from being moved
Of course I had
Other motives
(Like the fact I can't live without you.)

But I also knew
You could not survive
Without . .
my light
my earth
my water

(Though the experts said you'd thrive.)

But I did not climb
Up your tree
For fear of being called
Surely this man
Has lost his mind
He's acting like a squirrel!"

So off you went
They transplanted you
Your roots to grasp
New soil
They needed you
To serve their needs
They needed you to find
New oil.

And my needs?
What of them, I say
To national security

I guess that I'll
  Just go nuts
    And climb up a tree.
© 2002 by Michael J. Farrand

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