On a Mudhouse Couch

Of a Lazy Saturday Afternoon

I wish we spoke another language
Got any you want to learn?
Native American
Ancient Greek
Maybe Sanskrit
Something old
And arcane
Then I would tell you
"I love you"
And watch you
You'd smile inside
Knowing what we share.

You're never a prophet
In your hometown
You have to travel
Far and wide
Unless you're a black man
Then you could stop, say
In West Virginia
Cast rose petals on the waters
And be hailed as
The Second Coming
After all
What ordinary black man
Would do a thing like that?

On the day of your return
I wonder
The horoscope's not good
I have a stomach ache
Will it all go bad?
I could throw a party
Or write a poem
I've told you
"I love you"
In so many ways
But, you want me to say it
Straight up
Maybe I will . .
© 2003 Michael J. Farrand

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