I live in Mikeville
You can, too
I want you to live here
But, caveat emptor
So they say
'Let the buyer beware.'

In Mikeville
The days are full
The nights are short
At least in my mind.

That's what matters
I write it all the time.

Really freaky ones
Day-long spates of them
Characterize Mikeville
God's saying something
Maybe . .
'You're on the right path!'
That's how He speaks to me
And I'm always listening
In Mikeville.

Yard sales are king
In Mikeville
Don't bother me Saturday morning
But, Saturday afternoon
Come on by
And I'll show you my
My scores
Like a big box of candles
Of every shape, size, and stripe
For one dollar
Or a sleeping bag
You could move into
With a family of four
And survive the Siberian winter
Without a candle
For ten.

In Mikeville
English three-speeds are king
Or old Schwinn's
Don't be ridin' nothin' else.

In Mikeville
Michael Corleone is God
And Italian accents
Complete with Mediterranean gestures
Like the kind the gangsters use
Pop up often
Don't worry
Intelligible English
Returns quickly
We all have to live
In the real world
Even in Mikeville.

In Mikeville
Minor social sleights
Real or imagined
Are magnified
And you might find yourself
Banished from Mikeville
For a while
Until you make
The proper show
Of respect
Like something out of THE GODFATHER
Kissing my high school ring
Works fine.

Friends are golden
In Mikeville
Kinda like in Europe
Bein' down ain't nothin'
Just come around
And we'll lift you up.

We're onto women
In Mikeville
So mind your p's and q's
You pretty much run things
You're not so sweet and innocent
So leave us something
Some respect
Some pride
Admit that you need us
Need not apply.

Keep your labels to yourself
In Mikeville
Is normal
It happens all the time
Like squirrels eating nuts
And necessary
To our proper
Psycho-social development
And don't call Socrates 'gay'
In Mikeville
No such word
Existed in his day.

We start from here
In Mikeville
The male fabric
Then move to
The treacherous waters
Of womankind
With greater

intuitive knowledge
understanding of life
understanding of love

And an escape hatch.

In Mikeville
Five minutes of pressure
Down below
In exchange
For putting up with
Outrageous female behavior
Is not worth the
Dubious and needless
Moniker of

In Mikeville
White males
Have freedom of expression
And can talk about . .


Until you get to your
Freedom of thought
Freedom of expression
So please
Think freely!
Speak freely!
In Mikeville.

Welcome to Mikeville
I hope
You enjoy
Your stay.
© 2003 by Michael J. Farrand

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