There before me
Was a throne in heaven
The one who sat there
Had the appearance of
Jasper and carnelian
A rainbow
Resembling an emerald
Encircled the throne
Surrounding the throne
Were twenty-four other thrones
Seated on them
Were twenty-four elders
They were dressed in white
They had crowns of gold.

From the throne came
Flashes of lightning
Rumblings and
Peals of thunder
Before the throne
Seven lamps were blazing
With what looked like
A sea of glass
Clear as crystal
In the center.

Around the throne
Were four living creatures
They were covered with eyes
In front and in back
The first living creature
Was like a lion
The second
Was like an ox
The third
Had a face like a man
The fourth
Was like a flying eagle.

Each of the
Four living creatures
Had six wings
And was covered
With eyes all around
Even under his wings
Day and night
They never stop saying:
"Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was
And is
And is to come."

I saw in the right hand
Of him who sat on the throne
A scroll
Sealed with seven seals
I saw a mighty angel
Proclaiming in a loud voice
"Who is worthy
To break the seals
And open the scroll?"
But no one in heaven
Or on earth or under the earth
Could open the scroll
Or even look inside it.

I saw a Lamb
Looking as if it had been slain
Standing in the center of the throne
Encircled by
The four living creatures
And the elders
He had seven horns
And seven eyes
He came and took the scroll
From the right hand
Of him who sat on the throne
When he had taken it
The four living creatures
And the twenty-four elders
Fell down before the Lamb
Each one had a harp
And they were holding
Golden bowls full of incense
I looked and heard
The voice of many angels
Ten thousand times ten thousand
They encircled the throne
The living creatures
The elders.

As the Lamb opened
The first of the seven seals
I heard one of the four living creatures
Say in a voice like thunder
There before me was
A white horse!
Its rider held a bow
And he was given a crown
And he rode out as a conqueror
Bent on conquest.

When the Lamb opened
The second seal
I heard the second living creature say
Then another horse came out
A fiery red one
Its rider was given power
To take peace from the earth
To make men slay each other
To him was given a large sword.

When the Lamb opened
The third seal
I heard the third living creature say
And there before me was
A black horse!
Its rider was holding
A pair of scales in his hand.

When the Lamb opened
The fourth seal
I heard the voice
Of the fourth living creature say
And there before me was
A pale horse
Its rider was named Death
Hades was following close behind him
They were given power
Over a fourth of the earth
To kill by sword
And by the
Wild beasts of the earth.

When he opened
The fifth seal
I saw under the altar
The souls of those
Who had been slain
Because of the word of God
And the testimony they had maintained
They called out in a loud voice
"How long, Sovereign Lord
Holy and true
Until you judge
The inhabitants of the earth
And avenge our blood?"
Each of them was given
A white robe
They were told to
Wait a little longer
Until the number
Of their fellow
Servants and brothers
Who were to be killed
As they had been
Was completed.

When he opened
The sixth seal
There was a great earthquake
The sun turned black
Like sackcloth
Made of goat hair
The whole moon
Turned blood red
The stars in the sky
Fell to earth
The sky receded
Like a scroll rolling up.

Every mountain and island
Was removed from its place
The kings of the earth
The princes
The generals
The rich
The mighty
Every slave
Every free man
Hid in caves
And among the rocks of the mountains
They called to the mountains and the rocks
"Fall on us and hide us
From the face of him who sits
On the throne
And from the wrath of the Lamb!
For the great day
Of their wrath has come
And who can stand?"

I saw four angels standing
At the four corners of the earth
Holding back
The four winds of the earth
To prevent any wind
From blowing on the land
Or on the sea
Or on any tree.

When he opened the seventh seal
There was silence in heaven
For about half an hour.

I saw the seven angels
Who stand before God
To them were given
Seven trumpets
Another angel
Took a golden censer
Filled it with fire
From the altar
And hurled it on the earth
There came
Peals of thunder
Flashes of lightning
And an earthquake.

The first angel
Sounded his trumpet
There came hail and fire
Mixed with blood
And it was hurled down upon the earth
A third of the earth
Was burned up
A third of the trees
Were burned up
All the green grass
Was burned up.

The second angel
Sounded his trumpet
Something like a huge mountain
All ablaze
Was thrown into the sea
A third of the sea
Turned into blood
A third of the living creatures
In the sea died
A third of the ships
Were destroyed.

The third angel
Sounded his trumpet
A great star
Blazing like a torch
Fell from the sky
On a third of the rivers
And on the springs of water
The name of the star is Wormwood
A third of the waters
Turned bitter
Many people died from the waters
That had become bitter.

The fourth angel
Sounded his trumpet
A third of the sun was struck
A third of the moon
A third of the stars
So that a third of them turned dark
A third of the day
Was without light
And also a third of the night.

The fifth angel
Sounded his trumpet
I saw a star that had fallen
From the sky to the earth
The star was given the key
To the shaft of the Abyss
When he opened the Abyss
Smoke rose from it
Like the smoke
From a gigantic furnace
The sun and sky
Were darkened by the smoke
From the Abyss
And out of the smoke
Locusts came down upon the earth
And were given power
Like that of scorpions
They were told not to harm
The grass of the earth
Or any plant or tree,
But only those people
Who did not have the seal of God
On their foreheads
They were not given power
To kill them
But only to torture them
For five months
And the agony they suffered
Was like that of the
Sting of a scorpion
When it strikes a man
During those days men will seek death,
But will not find it
They will long to die
But death will elude them
The locusts looked like horses.

Prepared for battle
On their heads they wore
Something like crowns of gold
Their faces resembled human faces
Their hair was like women's hair
Their teeth were like lions' teeth
They had breastplates like
Breastplates of iron
The sound of their wings
Was like the thundering
Of many horses and chariots
Rushing into battle
They had tails and stings
Like scorpions
And in their tails
They had power
To torment people
For five months.

The sixth angel
Sounded his trumpet
I heard a voice
Coming from the horns
Of the golden altar
It said to the sixth angel
Who had the trumpet
"Release the four angels
Who are bound
At the great river Euphrates."
And the four angels
Who had been kept ready
For this very
Hour and day and month and year
Were released to kill a third of mankind
The number of the mounted troops
Was two hundred million
The horses and riders
I saw in my vision
Looked like this:
Their breastplates were
Fiery red
Dark blue
And yellow as sulfur
The heads of the horses
Resembled the heads of lions
Out of their mouths
Came fire, smoke and sulfur
A third of mankind
Was killed by the three plagues
Of fire, smoke and sulfur
That came out of their mouths.

I saw another mighty angel
Coming down from heaven
He was robed in a cloud
With a rainbow above his head
His face was like the sun
His legs were like fiery pillars
He planted his right foot on the sea
His left foot on the land
He gave a loud shout
Like the roar of a lion
When he shouted,
The voices of the seven thunders spoke
The angel standing on the sea
And on the land
Raised his right hand to heaven
And said:
"There will be no more delay!
When the seventh angel
Sounds his trumpet
The mystery of God
Will be accomplished."

* * * * * * *

A sign
Appeared in heaven:
An enormous red dragon
With seven heads
And ten horns
And seven crowns on his heads
His tail swept a third of the stars
Out of the sky
And flung them to the earth.

There was war in heaven
Michael and his angels
Fought against the dragon
The dragon and his angels fought back
But he was not strong enough
And they lost their place in heaven
The great dragon was hurled down
That ancient serpent called the devil
Or Satan
Who leads the whole world astray
He was hurled to the earth
And his angels with him.

I saw a beast coming out of the sea
He had ten horns and seven heads
With ten crowns on his horns
And on each head a blasphemous name
The beast I saw resembled a leopard
But had feet like those of a bear
And a mouth like that of a lion
The dragon gave the beast his power
And his throne
And great authority
I saw another beast
Coming out of the earth
He had two horns like a lamb
But he spoke like a dragon
He made the earth
And its inhabitants
Worship the first beast
And the number of the beast
Is 666.

I heard a loud voice
From the temple
Saying to the seven angels
"Go, pour out the seven bowls
of God's wrath on the earth."

The first angel
Went and poured out his bowl
On the land
And ugly and painful sores
Broke out on the people
Who had the mark of the beast.

And worshiped his image
The second angel
Poured out his bowl
On the sea
And it turned into blood
Like that of a dead man
And every living thing in the sea died.

The third angel
Poured out his bowl
On the rivers and springs of water
And they became blood.

The fourth angel
Poured out his bowl on the sun
And the sun
Was given power to scorch people with fire
They were seared by the intense heat.

The fifth angel
Poured out his bowl
On the throne of the beast
And his kingdom was plunged into darkness
Men gnawed their tongues in agony.

The sixth angel
Poured out his bowl
On the great river Euphrates
And its water was dried up
To prepare the way
For the kings from the East
I saw three evil spirits
That looked like frogs
They came out of the mouth
Of the dragon
Out of the mouth of the beast
Out of the mouth of the false prophet
They are spirits of demons
Performing miraculous signs
They go out to the
Kings of the whole world
To gather them for the battle
On the great day of God Almighty
They gathered the kings together
To the place called

The seventh angel
Poured out his bowl into the air
And out of the temple
Came a loud voice
From the throne, saying
"It is done!"
There came
Flashes of lightning
Peals of thunder
And a severe earthquake
No earthquake like it
Has ever occurred
Since man has been on earth
So tremendous was the quake
The great city split
Into three parts
And the cities of the nations collapsed.

Every island fled away
And the mountains could not be found
From the sky huge hailstones
Of about a hundred pounds each
Fell upon men
And they cursed God
On account of the plague of hail
Because the plague was so terrible.

I saw heaven standing open
And there before me
Was a white horse
Whose rider is called
Faithful and True
With justice he judges
And makes war
His eyes are like blazing fire
And on his head are many crowns
He has a name written on him
That no one knows
But he himself
He is dressed
In a robe dipped in blood
And his name is
The Word of God
The armies of heaven were following him
Riding on white horses
And dressed in fine linen
White and clean
Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword
With which to strike down the nations
I saw an angel
Standing in the sun
Who cried in a loud voice
To all the birds flying in midair
"Come, gather together
For the great supper of God
So that you may eat the flesh of kings
And mighty men
Of horses and their riders
And the flesh of all people
Free and slave
Small and great."

I saw the beast
And the kings of the earth
And their armies gathered together
To make war against the rider
On the horse and his army
But the beast was captured
And with him the false prophet
Who had performed the miraculous signs
On his behalf
With these signs he had deluded
Those who had received
The mark of the beast
And worshiped his image
The two of them were thrown alive
Into the fiery lake of burning sulfur
The rest of them were killed
With the sword that came out of the mouth
Of the rider on the horse
And all the birds gorged themselves
On their flesh.

I saw an angel
Coming down out of heaven
Having the key to the Abyss
Holding in his hand a great chain
He seized the dragon
That ancient serpent
Who is the devil
Or Satan
And bound him for a thousand years
He threw him into the Abyss
And locked and sealed it over him
To keep him from
Deceiving the nations anymore
Until the thousand years were ended
When the thousand years are over
Satan will be released from his prison
And will go out to deceive the nations
In the four corners of the earth.

Then I saw
A new heaven
And a new earth
There was no longer any sea
I saw the Holy City
The new Jerusalem
Coming down out of heaven
From God
Prepared as a bride
Beautifully dressed for her husband
I heard a loud voice
From the throne saying:
"Now the dwelling of God
Is with men
And he will live with them
They will be his people
God himself will be with them
And be their God
He will wipe every
Tear from their eyes
There will be no more death
Or mourning or crying or pain
For the old order of things
Has passed away."

There will be no more night
They will not need
The light of a lamp
Or the light of the sun
For the Lord God
Will give them light
And they will reign
For ever and ever.
(adapted from the Bible "Book of Revelation")
© 2003 by Michael J. Farrand

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